Sassy Facilitation offers facilitation, education, mediation, and group process design for innovative organizations.

Meetings. Program Development. Strategic Planning. Organizational Culture (and Change). Leadership Development. Feedback and Evaluation. Conflict Resolution. Making Decisions about, well, anything. What is fundamental to all of these organizational activities?


Communication is the invisible thread that runs through (and ties together) every aspect of our organizations and their work. A group’s ability to serve its members, achieve its goals, and sustain itself is directly related to the health of its communication systems, culture, and daily practices. Yet we often neglect these systems, effectively saying ‘we can all just get along!’... until we find ourselves with a problem – and realize we don't know how to talk about solutions!

This is the need Sassy Facilitation was created to serve. 

Through facilitation, education, mediation, and group process design I partner with organizations to improve their ability to communicate and operate more equitably, efficiently, and effectively.

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Meet Sassy...

Kate Sassoon acquired the nickname ‘Sassy’ during her time organizing democratic action and dialog in the run-up to the Iraq War, and it has stuck to her – and all her endeavors – like a billboard and a bill of rights (she can't imagine why). 

Having participated in a wide variety of innovative member-and-mission-driven organizations for over 20 years, Sassy has a wealth of experience in: organizational culture, change management, education and training, community organizing, mission-driven strategic planning, decision making process design, conflict management, and mediation. She has served on Boards of Directors large and small, teaches at numerous conferences across the US, and holds two degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.

Sassy is passionate about supporting innovative organizations committed to building a better world. Whether it’s overhauling a dead and disengaged meeting process, teaching a diverse group to become active Allies to each other, or designing and facilitating an energizing strategic planning retreat – when working with these groups, she always emerges feeling privileged to participate.

Sassy lives and works in Berkeley, California. She travels around the Bay Area and beyond to support cooperative communication. When not facilitating, you can find her sewing, reading SciFi, researching oddball recipes, or organizing for the HeeBeeGeeBee Healers.

Need Help Communicating Cooperatively? Let's Partner Up!

Thank you for creating a safe space for us. I appreciate how nothing can throw you off. I feel you can handle anything that comes your way!
— A., Cycles of Change