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A free* toolbox of worksheets, guidelines, templates, and other communication aides developed by Sassy.

Safe Space

These ground-rules for successful high-stakes dialog help you to create a Safe Space for sharing high-stakes information, talking productively about triggering situations, or calling out dysfunctional dynamics in any relationship, meeting, or process. It is infinitely adaptable to any situation (from fights with a partner, to worker evaluations, to high-powered Board meetings).

Watch a short Video on Setting up Safe Space!

Download Safe Space with script and explanations!

Download a simpler version of Safe Space!

Facilitation Excellence

A new and improved toolkit and primer for Facilitators of all skill levels, including tips & tools, practical guidance and resources for further learning to improve any practitioner's Facilitation Excellence.

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Yes/No/Maybe Chart

This exploratory tool can be used to evaluate your boundaries and preferences for any individual or interpersonal situation or practice. It can easily assist with any level of inquiry, from the bedroom to the Boardroom, by simply changing the situation or practice being explored.

Download Yes/No/Maybe Chart!

My Communication Style Guide

Everyone has a different communication style - and we can avoid a lot of miscommunication and conflict escalation if we know more about each others language. This tool is a short-hand, low-stakes way to help community members (in businesses, homes, and other groups) lower the barriers to learning each others unique communication style, needs, and preferences.

Download Communication Style Guide - Template!

Download Communication Style Guide - Example!

Decision Making Matrix

Making large and complex decisions can often be overwhelming! This tool is a matrix that can help simplify a decision between 2 options by distilling a large complex situation into its component parts and breaking down how each option will maximize your goals. It results in a numerical ratings for each option, often clearly showing which option is more ideal.

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Community Preferences Worksheet

One of the most common problems facing collective process is differing understandings of individual (and group) preferences, standards, and practices. While this is particularly relevant in co-living situations, any group can find itself needing the clarity that comes from comparing everyone's preferences on a common scale. This simple spreadsheet provides a template to do that, for group exploration, conflict resolution, and policy creation.

Download Community Preferences Spreadsheet PDF!

Download Community Preferences Spreadsheet XLSX!

Download Community Preferences Spreadsheet - Co-op Home Example!

Meeting Template and Facilitation Guide + Notes Template

Many democratic groups follow a similar format when structuring meetings. Here is a simplified, flexible format for a basic collectively-run meeting, complete with role definitions, a meeting process description, and tips on creating an agenda structured for success. A meeting notes template which complements this structure is also included.

Download Meeting Template and Facilitation Guide!

Download Meeting Notes Template!

Meeting Check Out: Self and Group Evaluations

Collecting immediate feedback about meetings is invaluable for organizations - and can often be a struggle. This short evaluation takes literally 30 seconds to fill out and can provide great data for those running the meeting, as well as reflection for those participating in it. Over time, it can even help your group track trends in the health and productivity of your meetings.

Download Meeting Check Out: Self and Group Evaluations!

A Cooperative BOD – Power and Accountability

A simple schematic depicting the flows of authority and accountability, and the duties, practical functions, and communication practices in a democratic organization with a Board of Directors.

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Facilitation Games

This is a compendium of games to use to get to know each other, lighten a tense moment, think outside the box, or re-energize your group during a long process. More games are added as they cross my path. Have a great game suggestion? Drop me a note!

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Thank you for your help! A simple-seeming structure, that was effective yet flexible; time efficient, in a way that allowed exploration, but not drawn out or draining. I appreciate your style!
— Eugene, Cycles of Change

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