Facilitation Excellence

One of the most frequent questions I get when I tell folks about my work is "What does a Facilitator do exactly?"

Years ago, when I founded Sassy Facilitation, I tried to answer that question by writing a pamphlet titled "What is Facilitation?" which outlined the premise, goals, and basic structures of the approach to group process called Facilitation and described best practices for the role of Facilitator. And it did the job pretty well, so I moved on to creating other tools.

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One Rule to Rule Them All

It’s the Morning After, and we're sitting on the front stoop - I'm wearing their t-shirt and a pair of borrowed PJs as we cradle our coffee cups and watch the world go by. I take a contented sip and listen to them ask the age old question, asked a thousand times before.

"So, what are we doing here?"

I pause, because, innocuous and common as this question is, in my case the answer is a bit... complex.

"So, what are we doing here?"

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All the World's a Stage

I’m standing in a sunlit room, barefoot on a lush carpet, surrounded by rolling whiteboards, half empty coffee cups, and my fellow teammates. We’ve just been told to, as a group, “Become a toaster.” The catch? No talking. We have to coordinate silently to organize our bodies into some commonly envisioned representation of a toaster.

I look at my teammates – teacher, administrator, social service provider, facilitator, all strangers gathered together for this educational design training intensive – and think “How the heck are we gonna do this?” And then, “Why are we doing this?!”

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Safe Space

Hey folks, welcome back to my soap box! Before we go any further, I'd like to do something with y'all - its something I do with anyone I might ever want to get real with. Its a magic spell that - when invoked - transports us straight through the land of small talk into the soul-and-world-transforming land of Real Talk.

I'd like to set up Safe Space.

"What exactly do you mean by Safe Space?!" I hear you cry. Self-explanatory as this tool sounds (to me), the politics and mechanics of the words "Safe Space" mean a wide range of things to a wider range of people. So, since my rules are the ones we will be obeying here on this blog, let me break down my version of what this means for you.

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Welcome to Sassy Pontificates!

Hi Folks! I'm Sassy. Welcome to my Soapbox.

I've been a communication enthusiast for a very long time. All the myriad ways we humans 'talk' to each other holds endless fascination for me. So when I started my consultancy, Sassy Facilitation, it wasn't just to support a movement and model I believe in, or to have the dubious benefits of being my own boss -- it was also to make a profession out of a proclivity.

I really, really like this stuff.

Posted on January 31, 2016 .