I recommend Kate “Sassy” Sassoon with the highest degree of confidence. She is experienced and skillful at working with diverse groups, she is organized, and she is reliable.
— Kim Coontz, CCCD
You have such a gift for talking about challenging topics in a grounded, free and humorous way.

— Cassandra Ferrera, WCCC
Tenaciously positive, impressive memory, great stacking, good application of firmness. Thank you!
— T., Los Angeles EcoVillage
Thank you for creating a safe space for us! We needed help with that!
— A., Brown Shingle Collective
There are two of our members that can ‘own’ the floor and sometimes stop forward motion - you asked them great questions and kept us moving forward.
— Somer, LAEV/USTU
Kate’s presence at our conference was energizing and fun!
— Susan Frank, FIC
Thank you for your efforts to help us resolve our impasse in a healthy and honest way.
— Paul, Hillegass House
Facilitation was both formal enough and informal enough. Sassy provided a great deal of consulting knowledge!
— Joe, Los Angeles EcoVillage