Organizational Design

All groups have Processes – they range from the heavily formalized to 'just common sense’, but they define every operation of our organizations. Fortunately, we can engage with them proactively: we can design them, change them, and choose the appropriate process for the appropriate moment.

Group Process Design services are for just such creative organizational tinkering. Process design looks almost entirely different with each group and situation – but the approach is the same. I work with your group to discover and determine which group communication, decision-making, education, or operational process is appropriate for each aspect of your organization – and then co-design (and sometimes implement) their adoption.

What might Group Process Design look like?

  • Restructuring your Member Education program to make it more actively inclusive.
  • Designing a fun and effective Strategic Planning and Staff Development retreat.
  • Guiding the Transition from one organizational structure to another.
  • Designing the appropriate Decision-Making Process your group uses in each of its areas of operation.
  • Creating a new member/staff Orientation Program that is interactive, memorable, and efficient.
  • Re-tooling your Evaluations process to incorporate feedback more effectively.
  • Designing a group Conflict Management process, and guiding your group through its first implementation.

Kate ‘Sassy’ Sassoon makes collectives not only work, but also purr like a well-tuned engine—powerful, responsive, focused.
— J. Crow Bolt, Nabolom Collective Bakery