Facilitation is the art of guiding a group through its process toward its goals equitably, efficiently, and effectively. As such, what facilitation looks like ‘in the room’ depends a lot on a group’s process and goals.

What might Facilitation look like?

  • Facilitating a meeting prepared by your group.
  • Providing agenda design and facilitation for a multi-meeting process.
  • Facilitating a strategic planning, evaluation, conflict resolution, or other ‘higher stakes’ process.
  • Working with your group as an ‘on call communication expert’ for process advice and regular meeting facilitation.
  • Mentoring your group in communication practices through an organizational transition.
  • Guiding the ‘core group’ formation and development of a start-up organization.
  • Leading a group conflict resolution process.

I had a suspicion that you would rock as a facilitator for us, and you exceeded my wildest fantasies!
— Ann, Los Angeles EcoVillage